Bill Nye Explains Why Climate Change Is Making Miami Sink into the Atlantic

“Who wants to go to Miami Beach when it’s the Miami Wetland or the Miami Shin-Deep?”

Oct 27 2015, 5:38pm

We have reams of evidence that climate change is happening and is being worsened by human involvement. In a sensible and well connected society, we wouldn't need popular scientists to get into a bunch of theatrics to convince people about that.

But since we're not as sensibly connected as we think we are, here's Bill Nye, on National Geographic, telling us that the oceans are indeed rising, the glaciers are receding, and why Miamians building houses right by the water are SOL.

Much of the evidence, he says, is right in regional weather records across the years. The fluctuations in highs and lows point to a model that say that yes, the global warming observed in the past century is without precedent. Someday in the near future, Florida's coastline as we know it would just be another footnote, as oceans rise and level beachside homes and habitats.

So while much of the US will still ponder why we're getting so many freak storms and harsh and expensive winters, perhaps Nye can educate the masses. He'll be on National Geographic on November 1 to explain how climate change is affecting our world for the worse, and what we can do to stop that from happening.