The Cavs Got Held Up at Customs on the Way to Toronto

Pretty convenient that customs agents in Toronto wouldn't let the Cavaliers through.

by Sean Newell
May 20 2016, 10:28pm

The Eastern Conference Finals shifts to Toronto for Games 3 and 4 beginning tomorrow night, which means a border crossing. The Cavs left today and wound up stuck on the tarmac in Toronto because customs wouldn't let them through. Richard Jefferson, who is somehow 87 years old, still playing basketball professionally, and killing it on the latest tech fads, documented the experience on Snapchat. Tristan Thompson, who is Canadian, also mentioned it on his Instagram page, with a photo of himself, LeBron, J.R. Smith, and Jefferson sitting on the steps to the plane with the caption "waiting for customs to let them in like..."

It seems fairly obvious that the Raptors or friends of the franchise called in a few favors to keep the Cavaliers from getting into the city in time for their games, realizing that forcing Cleveland to forfeit would be the most practical way of avoiding a sweep on their home court. Look how smugly satisfied professional tweeter and occasional Toronto city councilor Norm Kelly was after hearing the news.

Maybe the mayor of Cleveland should write a strongly worded letter to the president of Canada Border Services (CBS!) and chastise the agency for false imprisonment.

h/t Ball Don't Lie