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Moritz Waldemeyer's Idea Of "Millinery For The 21st Century" Includes A Spinning LED Propeller Headpiece

The German designer created electronic headwear for Philip Treacy’s show at London Fashion Week.

by Kevin Holmes
Sep 25 2012, 12:37pm

When it comes to head gear, most of us make do with the odd baseball cap but as The Libertines once sang “there’s fewer more distressing sights than that of an Englishman in a baseball cap.” So how about if you saw an Englishman in some headwear that featured 6,000 LED lights meshed together to form a kind of animated LED cocoon?

That was one of the latest “hats” from British milliner Philip Treacy who paired up with German LED master Moritz Waldemeyer to create some head gear for Treacy’s show at London Fashion Week. As well as the aforementioned Shroud hat, which surrounds the wearer with a cloak of light attached to resin-soaked threads around a styrofoam core, the designs also included a propeller headpiece with LEDs at the end.

When the blades spin on this Virtual Reality hat, the illusion of a floating, spinning halo of light is created. Waldemeyer says “'It has long been my aim for the technology to disappear, to dissolve it into the surface of the work, so that the light effects themselves become the focus.”

Pretty stunning and what Waldemeyer calls “millinery for the 21st Century.”

Philip Treacy's Shroud hat, photograph by Chris Moore

Virtual Reality – Moritz Waldemeyer for Philip Treacy

Virtual Reality – Moritz Waldemeyer for Philip Treacy

Virtual Reality – Moritz Waldemeyer for Philip Treacy, Photo: Chris Moore

[via designboom]

Images courtesy of Moritz Waldemeyer.


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