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Migos Went on SportsCenter to Give an Oral History of the Dab

They also freestyled to Steph Curry highlights.

by Lawrence Burney
Mar 30 2017, 2:33pm

Considering that the Migos are undoubtedly the biggest superstar rap group right now, there is no true surprise to wherever they might make an appearance. Last week they were guests on Fallon where they dressed up like office managers to perform "Bad and Boujee," with office supplies building the beat. Yesterday, the Atlanta trio popped in on ESPN's SportsCenter for a nine-minute interview, which is the equivalent to an hour-long special in SportsCenter minutes. 

During the interview, host Cari Champion questioned Migos on their popularization of the dab and mentioned that her producer told her that the group didn't invent the dance move. Quavo swiftly reminded Champion that her producer was wrong and by God's grace, Migos sat on prime time SportsCenter and gave an oral history of the dab: "We needed something to break the stage...We made a song called 'Emmitt Smith' and it just started going crazy," Quavo told Champion. "In every video the producer would be like 'Drop man. Y'all do that drop,' and first it would be called 'Uh!' then we used to be real fresh and everybody would be like, 'Look at my dab,' so we did it at the same time. It really was a way of fashion and it turned into a dance." 

The dab is something that rap fans are well aware of at this point and maybe even tired of hearing about it or seeing it. But there's something doubly hilarious and fulfilling about seeing Migos on a wholesome sports show giving the history of it to an audience who will now fail miserably at dabbing from looking up tutorials on Youtube. Also, as true ballers would do, they freestyled over the "Bad and Boujee" beat to Steph Curry highlights.

Migos also discussed the Atlanta Falcons choking in the Super Bowl, maintaining a consistent work ethic, and more pressing issues like when Champion asked: "Tell me a little bit about what it takes to be this popular." Popularity is one of the more challenging aspects of our society when you think about it. Watch the full segment and Migos' appearance in Noisey Atlanta 2 below. 

Photo: Taken from Offset's Instagram.

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