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Smile and Scream at UK Illustrator Lumps' Toothy Drawings

Lumps' work is defined by a wide grin that often infects stereos, turntables, cigarette cartons, iconic cartoon characters, and classic paintings.

by Beckett Mufson
Apr 10 2017, 2:35pm

Anything can become a grinning, screaming gremlin in the imagination of Lumps, a Windsor-based illustrator who may as well be a nephew of Jim Phillips and his Screaming Hand.

Lumps went to university for product design, but wound up hating it. For the last nine months he's paid the bills with web design gigs, while continuing to "make weird objects and situations," in a style influenced by other UK illustrators like Polly Nor and Alex Gamsu Jenkins. Lumps' work is defined by a wide grin that often infects an entire cast of characters in a single drawing. Stereos, turntables, cigarette cartons, iconic cartoon characters, and classic paintings aren't immune from his dimpled remix. "The big grin has become a bit of a running theme," he tells Creators. 

Most of his drawings are improvised, incorporating absurdism, grotesque detail, or big splashes of fluorescent rainbow. It's not all style, though. Lumps admits there may be some autobiographical elements to the work. When pushed further, he says, "I am very smiley, perhaps that's it!"

See more of Lumps' work on his website.


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