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Chef's Night Out: Kjøbenhavn

Chef Rasmus Lund Jonasson brings his restaurant manager and a couple of old friends on a truffle, sausage, and wine-­fueled quest in Copenhagen.

by Rasmus Lund Jonasson
Jun 9 2016, 11:00am

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, we head out for an evening in Copenhagen with the crew from restaurant Kjøbenhavn. Head chef Rasmus Lund Jonasson brings his restaurant manager and a couple of old friend on a truffle, sausage and wine-­fueled quest to visit some of their favorite haunts. The mission kicks off at Enomania, an Italian restaurant and wine bar, where the group feasts on fresh pasta and a deceptively healthy take on tiramisu.

Then, after a good bunch of wine, they head to Gammel Mønt, an old ­school Copenhagen restaurant where the famous head chef "Red Claus" serves a decadent fish dinner featuring Russian caviar and turbot. Next up, a quintessential Danish hotdog pitstop for a round of big, juicy sausages affectionally known as "Børge."

It's back to a diet of seafood and booze at restaurant Musling where the Bloody Mary comes with a shot of akvavit and where the gang eat their way through a seemingly endless supply of pristine oysters. Finally, they head back to the kitchen at Kjøbenhavn to cook an epic MUNCHIES meal. There are steak sandwiches with "drunk" sauce, a whole fried Peking­-style duck and deep-­fried Kinder milk­ slices with coconut ice cream.

No wonder our head chef didn't make it to bed before sunrise.

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