Tickle Someone’s Pickle with These Bourbon-Soaked Okra Fries

Tickle Someone’s Pickle with These Bourbon-Soaked Okra Fries

All bourbon-pickled okra requires is vinegar, bourbon (Pappy Van Winkle if you’re a baller), and two days in the fridge. Then, deep-fry and enjoy.
April 15, 2016, 11:58am

You know what tastes good? Crunchy stuff. Pureed food is for grandmas and first-round Masterchef contestants.

Freddie Janssen gets what we're talking about. The London picklemaker is famed for her fermented vegetable creations, including kimchis with sesame and daikon, and zingy jalapeño slaws.

RECIPE: Bourbon-Pickled Okra

As she explained to MUNCHIES when we hung out in her kitchen last week, "You can pickle anything. It makes something like okra, which people sometimes think of as slimy, really fucking crunchy and lovely."

Photo by Liz Seabrook.

Agreed. Crunchy = fucking lovely.

Happily for other fans of the crunch, you don't have to be an experienced pickler to transform okra. All Janssen's pickled okra recipe really requires is vinegar, sugar, seasoning, a handful of dill, and some bourbon (Pappy Van Winkle if you're a baller). Seal it all in jar and let the de-sliming begin.

RECIPE: Bourbon and Chili Okra Fries with Smoky Crema Dip

After two days in the fridge, your okra pickles will be ready to enjoy. But for next-level crunch, you'll need to deep-fry. To do this, simply whip up a beer-batter and fry the okra until it gets a crispy golden brown coating.

Janssen recommends serving your okra fries with a crema dip of charred spring onions and sour cream. We agree—sometimes even crunchy foods can be improved with a little puree.