This 3D-Printed Swimsuit Is Unreal

Would you wear a 3D-printed swimsuit?

Mar 9 2015, 5:00pm

Images by Victor Giner Valverde via

Equal parts sculpture and fashion, Nadir Gordon's swimwear is anything but traditional. The project, titled Waves, is described by the Panamanian fashion student as "almost impossible to construct with fabrics and the traditional ways of creating a garment.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Iris van Herpen and Francis Bitonti, Gordon says of her design: "It’s intended to be an experiment that defies the paradigm that dictates the way a garment should be built."

At the moment, Waves is just a prototype. "It’s easy to move in it, but it’s not functional to be worn daily,” she admits. The design looks like a one piece suit, but it's actually a 14-piece, a unit that only really makes sense in the world 3D-printed clothing. Each part had to be made on a standard MakerBot and soldered together, which can lead to the occasional breakage. But damn if it doesn't look awesome.



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