Submit Your Art to This Crowd-Sourced Zine Time Capsule

If you're a NY-based artist, here's a chance to be published.

by Nathaniel Ainley
Jun 10 2016, 2:14pm

Yo-NEWYORK!, combining visual art and literature in an open submission zine, invites New York artists to apply online for their next issue. Brooklyn-based photographer Charlie Rubin (who is also a regular photographer for The Creators Project) recently started a Kickstarter page to help crowd source the printing and distribution costs of their third issue.

Rubin describes Yo-NEWYORK! as a time capsule “since the work is being made right now in New York, it should serve as a representation of what’s on people’s mind, or what the city looks like in 2016. I imagine looking at one of these in 10 years would serve as a peek into the climate of the day.”

The project brings together creative minds working through a variety of mediums. Each contributor gets a page to decorate as they choose. The editors then stack the pages on top of each other and fold them down the middle like a book. This process splits each contributor’s page in two and automatically pairs each half with another artist, creating new juxtapositions and exchanges. The project’s Kickstarter page says, “The result is a surreal flow, featuring multiple views of the city at this moment in time.”

Centerfold of Issue 1 by K-NOR

Andrew Giugno and Nathan Bett

Linzi Silverman and Matthew Leifheit

Richard Phillips and Bobby Davidson

Centerfold of Issue 2 by Christina Labey

Back Cover of Issue No. 1 designed by Charlie Rubin

The Yo-NEWYORK! zine is currently being put together in Brooklyn, for more information head over to their website, here. To submit your work to Yo-NEWYORK! click here.


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