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Let This Hyperlapse Take You on a High-Speed Urban Rollercoaster Ride

French artist Florian Rouzaud Cornabas allows you to see cities at blistering speeds in 'Urban Conformation 31:41.'

by Emerson Rosenthal
Nov 6 2014, 10:20pm

Images courtesy of Florian Rouzaud Cornabas

Star Trek's fictional warp drive is reserved for only the direst of situations since bending time and space requires a whole lot of energy. In the nonfictional work of French artist Florian Rouzaud Cornabas, however, ultra-wide angle lenses combine with hyperlapse technology to create a high-speed urban rollercoaster that allows you to see cities at blistering speed. In terms of the energy required, all you have to do to experience Cornabas's Urban Conformation project is click here

Explains Rouzaud Cornabas, "My inspiration is coming from the modern cities skylines, their patterns, symmetries and gigantic perspectives. I walk through them and I capture the beauty of it, that people tend to forget. [...] Long exposure is my way to achieve that. I throw the city into a near-future by adopting high contrasts and saturated colors, tinted by the atmosphere of Tron, Blade Runner and Wipeout." Cornabas cites Yasuhiro Yoshiura's sci-fi anime, Sakasama no Patema, as the source of inspiration for the "battle and fusion of two alternative skylines" in his video, and gives gracious nods to timelapse masters Michael Shainblum and Jeff Frost

Cornabas's first short film in the series, Urban Conformation 31:41, is comprised of extracts from the larger Urban Conformation project, and set to the sounds of chiptune artist Lukash. Says Cornabas, "My next short from this series will be the reflect of the complexities that frame us, so stay tuned for it !"

Head over to Expand the Instant to watch Urban Conformation 31:41, and follow Cornabas's Urban Conformation progress on Facebook


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