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Push a Giant Button, Project a Giant Face on a Building

Dan Acher's latest public art installation, 'Turn Me On,' puts a face to your neighborhood buildings.

by Beckett Mufson
Feb 11 2015, 3:45pm

Curiosity and the undeniable desire to press giant buttons are the driving forces behind Happy City Lab founder Dan Acher's latest public installation, Turn Me On. The Genevan artist installs giant on/off switches in public places, each of which controls a nearby projector. When people inevitably press the button (over and over and over again), the projectors light up with black and white footage of human faces, projected in massive Wizard of Oz-style onto neighborhood buildings. Close-up shots ranging from eyes caked in makeup or mouths blowing bubble gum bring an intimate perspective the normally public locations that Acher targets. As Happy City Lab says in its press release, "Your city comes alive."

Images courtesy the artist

Turn Me On was made in collaboration with Federal Studio and Studio Corium, and is available for booking—maybe even in your city. Find more information about Dan Acher's projects on the Happy City Lab website.


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