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Brandon Marshall's One-Handed Juggling Catch

Brandon Marshall made an outstanding play to juggle and haul in a 42-yard pass from Jay Cutler while avoiding a big hit.

by Sean Newell
Dec 5 2014, 2:50am

Brandon Marshall made a great play on a deep pass from Jay Cutler to tip the ball to himself a couple of times before controlling it and deftly avoiding what could have been a nasty hit. Cutler's throw was just a little bit ahead of Marshall, who had to stretch out and expose himself in middle of the field, sandwich by the defender he had blown by and the oncoming safety. He not only juggled the ball as he ran toward the hit, but then spun away from the defender for an extra few yards and saved himself from getting clocked.

A few plays later, Marshall wasn't so lucky and took an inadvertent knee to the lower back. He had to be helped off the field after remaining down for a few minutes. He's in the locker room getting his rib checked out and is questionable to return.