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Watch Kreator, Ghost, and Drangsal Perform “Satan Is Real” on German Late Night TV

The legendary German metal band appeared live on stage with special guests Ghost and Drangsal. Insanity obviously ensued. Hell! Hell! Hell!

by Noisey Staff
Apr 26 2017, 5:45pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey Germany.

You know what German late night television needs more of? Satanic worship. Fortunately, last night's episode of Circus HalliGalli was devoted to just that. We're willing to bet Satan shed a single tear of blood (because what else would his tears consist of?) as he sat in his toasty, 10,000°F hellfire-heated apartment, cozied up in his rocking chair made of bones, to watch Kreator perform "Satan is Real" on primetime television. Never one to miss a party, Papa Emeritus III (frontman of the band Ghost) and Max Gruber (a.k.a the new wave act Drangsal) took to the stage to help Kreator perform the track, a cut from their new album Gods of Violence. Between the face-melting solos, the near constant pyrotechnics, and Gruber's choice to wear a nun's habit for the entire performance, how could the studio audience not believe in Satan's existence by the end of the show? Thrash! THRASH! Just look at this glorious shit:

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