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Watch the Most Satellites Ever Being Launched From a Single Space Mission

Go! Go! Go!

by Samantha Cole
Feb 17 2017, 11:00am

Just before midnight on Valentine's Day, India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle launched from the coast, carrying a total of 104 satellites—the most ever deployed from a single launch vehicle at once. Thanks to its onboard camera, we can watch as they're chucked into space one by one over the Earth.

Most of the satellites, shoebox-sized CubeSats called Doves, were designed and built by Planet, a San-Francisco based global imaging company. Combined with the 50 other Dove satellites Planet already has in low-Earth orbit, the company boasts "the biggest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites — and of satellites in general — in human history," Mike Safyan, director of launch and regulatory affairs at Planet, told The Verge .

The rest of the tagalongs include the mission-primary Cartosat 2D environmental satellite and two Indian-built nanosatellites. Together, the swarm will help Indian infrastructure planners and mapmakers, as Spaceflight Now notes.

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