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Sprint and T-Mobile Want to Lease You an iPhone 6s for Practically Nothing

Consumers are benefitting from both companies’ sense of oneupmanship.

by Nicholas Deleon
Sep 24 2015, 4:07pm

Image: Apple

WWE could learn a thing or two from Sprint and T-Mobile.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure and T-Mobile CEO John Legere have been engaged in a gripping Twitter feud over the past few weeks, trading insults over things like the popularity of their respective networks and, just this morning, who has the best deal for an iPhone 6s.

In short, Sprint is offering a 16GB iPhone 6s for $1 per month provided you trade in a working iPhone 6. That's better than T-Mobile's similar iPhone 6s promotion, which costs $5 per month with an iPhone 6 trade-in. The reason why Sprint and T-Mobile are able to offer the iPhone 6s for just a few dollars per month is because they're taking your old device and then selling it. (These second-hand phones eventually end up in China, analysts suggest.) It's the same hustle that "sell-us-your-old-gadgets" companies like Gazelle run.

Ultimately it's a win for consumers, provided you don't mind trading in your old device and live in an area where Sprint and T-Mobile offer adequate coverage.

At time of publication, T-Mobile CEO John Legere had not responded to Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure's latest finger-wagging tweet. They probably should just duke it out at WrestleMania in Texas next year.

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