AudioQuest - Coffee 26.3' HDMI Cable - White. Image: ​Best Buy

Mixed Reviews for Best Buy's $1,650 HDMI Cable

"Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices."

Feb 1 2015, 8:57pm

AudioQuest - Coffee 26.3' HDMI Cable - White. Image: ​Best Buy

We're hours away from The Big Game™ (that's the Super Bowl, for non-sports people), and your personal shopper just dropped off the new 4K TV you ordered just for the occasion. It's not a big deal; your friends are coming over and you want to reward their loyalty for braving the cold with 65 pristine inches of high-contrast pixels. They deserve it. You deserve it. That's just where you are in your life right now.

But as any connoisseur of home entertainment knows, your brand new tube will only look as good as the data being fed into it. So you did your research, scouring reviews of every piece of your home theater stack. 

That's when you found it: Best Buy's ​$1,650.99 AudioQuest HDMI cable. With "silver-plated long-grain copper conductors" and "bidirectional ethernet communication," you knew in your heart that every frame of cranium-shaking sport would be delivered in indescribable visual acuity. 

"Compatible with most HDMI-enabled devices," the product description guarantees.

But it was more than that: the reviews on Best Buy's website told of miracles far beyond your wildest Game Day fantasies. 

User BillFromKC's 8GB iPhone 4 "suddenly became a 128GB iPhone 6Plus," while another user's PC was totally rebuilt from the inside out just by being in proximity of the AudioQuest cable. 

A user review of the AudioQuest Coffee HDMI cable.

Another reviewer reported to have been so stricken by the picture quality that he was unable to leave his home, causing him to lose his job. 

A user review of the AudioQuest Coffee HDMI cable.

Meanwhile, yet another user found the cable opened "a portal to hell in my media room, and since then Winston Churchill has been drinking every ounce of alcohol in my home."

Because everything on the internet is true, you decide that you must have this cable. With only an hour left before the game, you send your personal shopper back out, tossing your Uber black card at her feet as she goes. There's no time to waste. 

Your guests will be so impressed.