Kern's Girl of the Week - Erica

Today's featured model is Erica, a redhead Richard shot having butt sex with her boyfriend.

Every week Richard Kern invites us to his L.E.S. apartment where we go through a huge box of archival photographs from his long and checkered career. Today’s featured model is Erica, a redhead Richard shot having butt sex with her boyfriend.

VICE: Who are we looking at?
Richard Kern:
This girl is Erica, and I stuck her in only because the story is interesting. This is in Paris.

She’s got some haunches on her.
You mean hips? Yeah, she did have some nice hips. This was at my old gallerist’s apartment. I think it’s like ’96, ’97, something like that. He’s got his Raymond Petitbon there. He’s a huge dealer now in France. The interesting part about this girl—I don’t know if she’s good looking or not, she’s super French to me—but she had flame red hair, which you don’t see here. But her boyfriend came to the shoot and said, “After you shoot, can you shoot some stuff for me?”

How did you answer that?
I said, “OK, sure.” And we went back to my hotel, which was down the street, and he wanted me to shoot them having sex, like porno shots.

Wait, when did that become clear?
When we got back. He said, “She’s a porno model.” And he wanted to get into porn too. You know, this was translated so I don’t know what they were really saying. I took their camera and shot a bunch of stuff of him fucking her, which was pretty fun. I don’t think I had ever shot anything like that for somebody else in that situation. I’d shot people fucking—like myself—but I don’t think I had ever done it for someone else. But she looked so uncomfortable, and then he fucked her in the ass and I was sitting there like, “Oh, OK.”

Was he winking at you and the camera like, “You’re doing a good job”?
No, he’s just talking to her in French like, “C’mon, c’mon.” And he’s her age. This is some young dude, and I don’t know what in the fuck they were thinking, what the deal was, because… I mean, I shot it, but there was no cum shot. Wait, was there a cum shot? I can’t remember, maybe he came in her mouth.

Did he pay for it?
No, I just said I’d do it. But I shot a ton of stuff thinking I could sell her to a sex magazine and nobody was interested. So maybe she’s more ragged than I thought.

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