Ketaforensics - The Art and Science of Using Ketamine to Solve the JonBenét Ramsey Murder

After spending the last four months filing FOIA requests and thumbing through hundreds of pages of police reports in an attempt to solve the little-known murder of a San Antonian mycologist in the early 80s, I have come to the conclusion that crime...

After spending the last four months filing FOIA requests and thumbing through hundreds of pages of police reports in an attempt to solve the little-known murder of a San Antonian mycologist in the early 80s, I have come to the conclusion that crime solving is hard. In the 80s, genetic testing was still in its infancy and the best forensic technique, something called PGM enzyme typing, was woefully imprecise. Analysis of PGM can only narrow a given biological sample (hair, blood, semen) into one of three enzyme types, and to make things worse, about 60 percent of the population possess PGM type-1, so there isn't a great chance of finding a disparity between two samples, e.g. the hair of a suspect and their victim. While conducting this research I would often find myself fantasizing about what it would be like to really know what happened: to have been at the crime scene and to have watched the murder take place. If only I could go back in time and peer through a window or place my ear to a relevant wall.

Neither in my sober investigations nor in my daydreams did I ever consider the most obvious solution: self-administering an anesthetic dose of ketamine and mentally traveling back in time to witness the murder. Then I stumbled upon a non-fiction book called Into The Void by an author named Zoe7, a self described “multidimensional synergy personality cluster” composed of six distinct identities. The book details Zoe7's attempts to solve the JonBenét Ramsey murder using no other forensic equipment than a hypodermic needle filled with ketamine and his mind. As one would expect, his experiments were wildly successful and he is the only person known to have witnessed exactly what happened in the Ramsey home that fateful night in December of 1996. Although there is one problem: Zoe7 refuses to say who is responsible for the murder and will no longer discuss his research on JonBenét. True to his word, he did not respond to my request for an interview, so I have excerpted a few passages from Into The Void to give you a taste of his daring experiments:

Note: all quotes are sic.

"I, like most people in the United States, have come to hear about the JonBonet Ramsey murder case. And because of these experiments I was conducting at the time, I became intrigued and therefore went on to make three attempts at finding out who murdered her using the OBE [Out of Body Expereince] state as a tool. In the following narrative I will condense all three of my attempts, including an unexpected encounter with JonBonet herself. Although I have to admit that at times I felt compelled not include this particular experience in my book; for I do not want people to think I am doing it to sell books. In fact, I will refuse to talk about these particular experiences after the book goes to print.


...I made myself comfortable on my home office recliner. Next, I proceeded to inject the awaiting dose of ketamine into my left thigh....Then, for a very brief period of time––until the pharmacological effects of ketamine began––I preprogramed my voyage with the following command: “Go to the night of December 25, 1996, and see the murder of JonBonet Ramsey”, which I repeated as many times as I could....In seconds my sense of being began to spin round and round, and continued in a circular motion until it seemed I was going to spin out of my ‘axis’...I became completely engulfed by a ravishing centrifugal force that eventually culminated by forcefully and rather violently ripping me out of my body and shooting me into hyperspace...A few moments later, hues of materiality began to become discernible within the etherial-like mist I was traveling through....I found myself floating above a number of houses and began descending towards a large dark-colored mansion.


I found myself in a dark bedroom. There were two single beds in that bedroom, but the second bed was empty. What struck me as odd however, was that I saw JonBonet’s mother lying in bed asleep, holding her son in her arms. Then, as I was heading towards the door to continue my search for JonBonet, I was suddenly startled by JonBonet herself! She was wearing a white gown and thick fury flipflops. She was also carrying something close to her chest with one of her arms. I could not make out what it was, but the surprising thing however, was the fact that she could see me!...I kneeled down and carefully took JonBonet by her little shoulders and said to her that I had been looking for her, and that I wanted to find out what happened. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for her––in a way––she did not realize that she had been murdered––at least not at that particular space-time (or perhaps probability) window I had arrived in.

I recall that while I was kneeling down talking to her, she kept touching my nose with her little index finger in a friendly and playful manner; and asking me who I was, why was it that I wanted to know what had happened to her, what did I mean by this, and what was it that I was doing in her house. It then dawned on me that I was talking to a dead child. This realization abruptly and forcefully brought me back to my physical body.

To actually reflect upon what it was I was doing at the time was a little ‘heavy’, if you will....As a result of this and other similar realizations, I knew that psychologically I was now waaayyy different than the average individual––more so that I had been in the past. This does not mean that I was better or worse than any individual per se, it just meant that I was different. In addition, whenever I was around ‘normal’ people, I had to consciously ‘act’ at being normal like them, so as to properly function in society. But I honestly was no longer interested in mundane worldly things such as family, hanging out, chicks, going out with friends, politics, current events etc. None of these things interested me anymore––even though I was only thirty-two years old at the time.


In fact, while doing all of these experiments I felt ‘normal’. And even though I was alone, I wasn’t lonely. Even though I did not have female companionship, I did not miss it. (Yet I must confess that I have always had, and continue to have an extremely high libido.) Nonetheless, even without somebody by my side, I felt whole. Indeed, at this one point in my life unlike any other, I felt like myself. That’s right; I felt like my SELF."

Despite the fact that Zoe7 was capable of entering the Ramsey household and meeting JonBenét, he kept returning to his physical body before he could find out exactly who was responsible for the murder. So he did what any rational adult would have done in a similar situation, he consulted one of the seven members of his personality cluster named Ebhrious Jiebro in a lucid dream state and came to the conclusion that in order to fully explore the murder of JonBenét Ramsey he must “develop the ‘dark’ park of [his] psyche” and through this development he would realize that he had already witnessed the murder. He simply had to prime his mind to allow re-entry into the forgotten memory of the murder he had already witnessed while time traveling on ketamine. Stay with me, what you are about to read is the only existent eye-witness report of the JonBenét Ramsey murder.

"...a ‘part’ of me now understood the nature of a predator. In fact, for all intents and purposes, I became a predator myself. A predator who was out for ‘blood’. But this lust for blood was not for innocent victims; rather, it was for the truth behind the murder of said child.


Within a moment of the separation I found myself hovering above the murder scene in my phantom body. The event was taking place in a darkened bedroom, as a result of electronically dimmed lighting. There was only one person involved at the time with JonBenet, but we will not describe ‘him/her’ or ‘his/her’ age for obvious reasons. All I will say here is that said person was engaged in a sexually explicit and perverted act of sorts with the child. The death of JonBonet Ramsey took place during the molestation and was accidental. A murder was later staged. I go on record here by saying that she was not raped, but rather molested. Almost all of the injuries and head trauma to JonBonet were fabricated after the fact by another individual involved in the cover-up in order to hide what really happened. Sorry for being so vague, but that’s all I am going to say about it––ever. Period."

When Zoe7 regained consciousness he was shaken to the very core of his being by what he had witnessed and fell to his knees addressing God directly:

“Is this what wholeness means? Must horror exist for beauty to be what it is? Is this also the nature of you, God? Ah?!? Are you a monster? If you’re supposed to be so omniscient and omnipotent, then how the hell could you let this happen, ah?!! It doesn’t make any sense. How can you let this happen?” Why didn’t you stop it?!! You bastard! Is this shit amusing to you? This just doesn’t make sense!!! It just doesn’t make any fucking sense!! This isn’t right! What kind of intelligent and loving creature are you, uh?!! What kinda’ sick fuck are you, ‘God’?!!! Uh?!? You’re is sick fuck!! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck...! You!!!!!!!”

So there you have it, one man’s journey back in time to 1996 to solve one of the most important crimes of the 20th century. I think it will not be very long before law enforcement begins to implement these ketaforensic techniques on a large scale and we can all thank Zoe7 for blazing the trail.