Kevin Shields

Kevin Sheilds of My Bloody Valentine talks production, myths and misconceptions

Kevin takes us through the technical minutia behind MBV's crazy bendy dream-sound. In this edition of Soft Focus Ian sits down with the man behind My Bloody Valentine's deafening and dreamy reimagining of guitar music who talks to us about all the technical minutia behind My Bloody Valentine's crazy bendy dream-sound. After Kevin finally dispells their association with all the 4AD and shoegaze bands they always get lumped in/between the two discuss the effects of growing up in both New York and Ireland on Kevin's musical and "coolness" sensibilities. Kevin talks about learning to appreciate the music of Joe Meeks even after one of the guys from the Tornados tried to convince him he was going deaf. Before they part, Kevin pooh-poohs the notion that My Bloody Valentine were louder than any other bands while Ian harangues him about the song "Glider."