Puppy at the Ditch

To me, there's nothing finer than spending an afternoon with your friends drinking beer in a ditch.

It's been quite awhile since I've had a super-skatey post on this site. But that all changes today. So if you only read this column to hear my uneducated confused misinformed ramblings about art, then go ahead and click that back button on your browser right now. But if you enjoy skateboarding, or if you even just celebrate the idea of skateboarding, then trudge forward and maybe we'll have a good time. Actually, I already had a good time, but maybe you'll have a second-hand good time.

The story starts like this… I hardly ever go skateboard with my friends on the weekends. Why? Well, because I'm a dad and I spend my weekends doing family stuff versus just hanging out with my friends riding skateboard toys. But every so often the stars align and it makes sense for me to go spend a Sunday hanging out playing skateboards with my bros. Such was the case yesterday. To celebrate I set up a brand new deck. Are you guys familiar with the National Organization For Radically Munching Lasagna? I've been a card-carrying member since the early 80s. They do good work.

My buddy Shaun Mefford picked me up to go play skateboard toys. Shaun is D4L. If you don't know what that is… I'm too tired to make a joke out of this caption. It stands for "Down For Life." Because he has a tattoo of one of my drawings. Dear Shaun's parents, I'm sorry.

We drove to my favorite skateboard place on the planet. There are obviously places in the world that are way better for skateboarding than this ditch, but the fact that this thing is naturally occurring, is outdoors, and free, and I've been skating here since I was 12… well, let's just say it holds a very special place in my heart. My dad used to drive me here when I was a kid and read books in the car while I skated. We go way back.

This particular day was like a damn family (buddy) reunion. And there were oldish dudes.

And older dudes.

And even older dudes.

And oldest dudes. (But only by a year or two, so don't get your feelings hurt my friend.)

To me, there's nothing finer than spending an afternoon with your friends drinking beer in a ditch.

And just thinking about the fact that the only thing separating you from a bunch of homeless people is the fact that you have skateboards. And homes, I suppose.

I forgot to mention that there was also an adorable puppy at the ditch.

Just being all adorable and shit. I know it's not nice to alienate your readers by relaying moments that they're unable to participate in, but I totally got to scratch this puppy's tummy. And it was balls to the walls excellent.

After we shredded the ditch to pieces we headed to the San Marcos Public Skatepark to see if it was even possible to get any more radical. Turns out it was possible.

Special guest appearance by some NYC buddies, Ryan and Brandy.

Brandy has one of my favorite tattoos of all time. I'm a huge fan of cruisin'. It's pretty much all I do.

I was trying to take a photo of my friend Shaun for you guys to see how cool he was, but some dude totally got in my photo and he was all upside down on his skateboard toy skateboarding on one arm and stuff. It was weird.

So… anyway… it was a beautiful skateboard day and I hope that my photos and words gave you at least a few minutes of relief from the crushing boredom of life. If not, keep browsing. There's lots of other people talking about their lives on the internet. I'm sure you can find something you can relate to instead of going outside.

Oh yeah, and when I got home I found a bad-ass crusty dead snake in the road in front of my house. Metal.

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