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An inflated ego is something people often mistake me with having which is perfectly understandable given my website. But no, in reality, I do not have an inflated ego. I'm just as insecure as everyone else.

by Alex
Jun 25 2010, 3:20pm

Bizarre sexual fetishes are not shocking to most people. At this point it's likely that even your mother wouldn't blink if she saw some idiot dressed as a skunk in lingerie acting all sexy to the sounds of Toni Braxton. While researching crush fetish in relation to that recent US Supreme Court case ruling I came across the website of Giantess Katelyn. She's into everything from giantess, vore, and crush to foot slave and humiliation to furries and balloons. Seeing as most people are still pretty hush hush about their private sexual fantasies, I thought that candidly broadcasting all your weird sex stuff on the internet is pretty admirable, seeing as fetishes are usually considered creepy or nerdy or shameful. Of course, I'm sure it helps that it also pays her bills. Anyway, I spoke to the giantess herself about all the weird shit she's into.

Vice: Running your own website you get to indulge your own sexuality and also profit off of other people's as well. That seems like a pretty sweet deal.
Giantess Katelyn: When I originally started up my website it was just a simple hobby to express myself, but I quickly learned that if I was going to pay for my exploding traffic and buy new equipment to fulfill my dream of making my fetish as real as possible, I'd have to start selling my work. So I opened a store and have been making movies ever since. Is it empowering? Yes! I wouldn't give it up for the world. But having your own business is also scary as hell. My job security rests on the fact that people respect and love my work, and want to continue to support my work and see my paid movies. (And yes, actually pay for them so I can buy groceries; Pirates don't understand this.) Without those loyal fans I wouldn't be doing what I do today and my future rests on them as well. I just keep telling myself to pour my heart into my work, create what I personally would want to see and never stop following my passion!

There's no nudity on your website, it seems that your fans are more into the quality of the fantasy you provide than seeing your boobs. It's like your photoshop skills make them hornier than anything else you do on your site.
Going nude in my movies and photos is still something I've always wanted to do. As, you can imagine, in many of my own personal fantasies I'm naked! (How else would I fuck a skyscraper?) Sadly, going nude isn't as simple as taking your clothes off. Here in the US, the major credit card companies act have set up ridiculous fees and percentages to deter the production of porn. And worst of all, in most cases unless you're already an established business with an income that is worth their "risk" (Which is a catch 22. You can't make income on a nude business without credit cards in the first place.) it's not possible to get an adult merchant account. Hopefully by the end of this year I will finally have an adult merchant account and I can finally start expressing my fantasies as how I often imagine them! But this doesn't mean all of my videos will be suddenly be nudes- I take this as an art form and not straight out pornography.

How do you think up new scenarios for collages?
Nearly always my work stems from a sexual fantasy I've recently had. Many times an artist will perfectly capture a very specific aspect or feeling of the fetish that I want to see myself personally in or build upon. While my panties get wet, I start thinking about how I want to look and feel. I get changed into an outfit fitting to my mood and that I'd want to actually be wearing if I were a real Giantess. Panties still wet, I grab my camera and over the course of an hour or two I start taking shots. By the end of a shoot I'll probably have a good 1000 pictures or more... and only one or two of them will ever be used. It then comes down to which photos are the sexiest and best convey the feeling I was looking for. Then it is a matter of finding the perfect city picture, or the perfect pictures of people and putting it all together digitally 15+ hours of work in itself. The end result is always worth it, it is my personal fantasy and dreams brought to life.

Having a crush fetish is a pretty fucked up thing. I mean, you kill another living thing for the sake of sexual pleasure which is incredibly violent and dark. But then your website is very light-hearted, there's tons of pink and hearts and girly stuff.
You'll find the duality exists all throughout the Giantess fetish, it is what makes the fetish so incredibly hot to those who have it. The girl receives pleasure and enjoyment while those below are crushed, eaten, and violated sexually by her, helpless to her whim and careless desires. It's the extreme contrast between pleasure, enjoyment, and light-heartedness of the female and the terror and horror of her victims that makes the fetish so powerful. It's almost as if the girl is so incredibly powerful and so physically dominate that she can destroy entire worlds with little care except her own. This duality of light and dark, power and helplessness, big and small, pleasure and terror, amplifies the POWER she has and displays- which is what this fetish is all about. Women with extreme amounts of power.

What do you think about hard crush (crushing larger animals)? Do you ever get requests from people on the internet where you're like "whoa dude, that's too far"?
I am strongly against hard crush. Crushing kittens and rabbits is just fucking sick. I do however crush bugs for pleasure (known as "soft crush") and have since I was a little girl. This consists of ants, crickets, and mealworms. These are bugs people consider pests and exterminate on a daily basis, feed to pets, or put a hook through and use for fishing. Often times I eat these bugs too! But that's as far as I feel comfortable with. Considering what people do to animals on a daily basis (hunting shows, sport fishing, factory farming, yard extermination) I don't think mashing a few ants between my toes to get my panties wet is a huge deal. And often times those who do think it is a big deal don't see the hypocrisy in eating meat for pleasure when they could be eating vegetable based alternatives. It is one thing to have dark fantasies and express those fantasies through art and special effects, but it is another entirely to act on those fantasies in real life. It's the difference between murdering a hooker in Grand Theft Auto 4 and actually murdering a hooker in real life. I still get emails requesting hard crush on a monthly basis, things like frogs, lizards, or large fish, yuck. However... I was once requested to crush a chicken! Not a dead one. A LIVE clucking, feathered chicken. This person was willing to pay me to drive to a farm, buy a chicken, take the chicken home, let it lose in my house, and let it run around shitting everywhere as I furiously attempted to crush it in high heels with blood spewing everywhere. Needless to say... that email was promptly deleted.

What's the deal with vore? How do you even realize you're into that?
I've had a sexual fascination with vore ever since I was little. I'd often pretend I was a cat-girl hunting down a little mouse. Once I'd caught the mouse I'd often pretend to swallow him alive- just like in cartoons. This really, really pleased me for some reason. As I became older, I started fantasizing about people... swallowing classmates or entire buses full of kids. I'd imagine sprinkles to be people and I often eat ants when no one was looking! To be eaten is the ultimate sacrifice a tiny creature can make. Vore is about giving your life, your essence to feed another being. It's very sexual and very romantic as strange as that may sound. When I swallow a tiny person, I know their life is now mine. That as my shrunken prey is digested, their body will serve and nourish my life. They are helpless to the desires, whims, and biological needs of my body. It's about giving or having your life taken away to serve something far more powerful and beautiful. Mouths, lips, and tongues are sexual organs in themselves!

Wow, that's some deep psychological shit. What are the best and worst tasting bugs?
Oh! That's easy! Ants are the most yummy! They nearly always they taste like little sweet lemon drops or nothing at all. They're like living candy! Ants are definitely my favorite to eat, however they are a pain to round up and find (I have to go hiking in the woods when they can't be found outside my door) and if they are too big they can bite you back! But their taste is often worth it. They can be licked right off your hand, swallowed alive, or chewed up for a bust of lemon flavor. I can only hope shrunken people would taste as good! Next are mealworms, which taste like whatever they eat. So I often feed them oatmeal for a few days, rather than the wood pulp they come packaged with. From there it's down the hatch! They are tricky to swallow alive (which feels great) and often get themselves mashed on my teeth by accident. Either way lip smacking good! Lastly, and by far the worst, are crickets. It's impossible to eat the big crickets. They taste HORRIBLE. I'm talking puke horrible. Maybe it's the food they are fed, but nearly all crickets I've eaten are just terrible tasting. I've been trying to find ones that don't taste like shit, but it doesn't seem possible. I rarely, rarely eat them. The only ones that are bearable are the very, very tiny crickets. They go down relatively easy... but you never know if you'll get one that will flood your mouth with that horrible taste.

Do you ever feel weird about the fact that if your sexual fantasy world were real you would basically be a monster responsible for the death of thousands of people?
The bottom-line that everyone with this fantasy is extremely conflicted inside, due to how their instincts are wired. When they are horny, they want nothing more than for this fantasy to be real, but once the fantasy becomes too real their survival instincts kick in and the fantasy is ruined. Ultimately, it comes down to that this IS a fantasy and that it should stay that way. But there's no harm in exploring and indulging the fantasy in safe ways, like through art or technology. If I had been born 400 years from now I'd probably be writing holonovels and shrinking my fans with a transporter and keeping them safe.

I'm trying to phrase this in the least offensive way possible but, don't you think that by referring to yourself as a goddess you seem to be insanely egotistical?
Hehe! I understand! An inflated ego is something people often mistake me with having which is perfectly understandable given my website. But no, in reality, I do not have an inflated ego. I'm just as insecure as everyone else. After every project I feel like I could have done better, looked hotter, I worry if people will even like me or my work, and my expectations after every major movie is at least one sale. Thanks to my wonderful fans my expectations are always exceeded. I do take pride in my work but an inflated ego is something I despise in others and in myself. To me, an inflated ego is a weakness, as is arrogance. It blinds you to reality. The reason I call myself a Goddess is because that is what I want to be, it is what I sexually desire. It is how I view myself in my fantasies- a Goddess of Life, Death, and Pleasure. Having people worship me as a Goddess turns me on and makes me wet! Having tiny slaves worshiping me is romantic! Being a Goddess, a Giantess, is what my sex drive wants. And as my website is all about my sexuality, everyone sees me as the Goddess of my fantasies. I also have a selection of fans who truly believe I am a Goddess and treat me as such. If I am believed in, I am a Goddess!