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This morning, Ted Cruz was booed off stage at the Republican convention for failing to endorse Donald Trump, a newly released video shows a North Miami police officer shooting a black man who was caring for his autistic patient, and more.

by Vice Beta
Jul 21 2016, 10:11am

Senator Ted Cruz speaking at the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016. Image via Getty

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US News

Cruz Booed Off Stage for Failing to Back Trump
Texas senator Ted Cruz drew boos during his speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland because he failed to endorse Donald Trump. Cruz told delegates and voters to "vote your conscience," and his wife, Heidi, had to be escorted away from the convention floor.—ABC News

Video Shows Cop Shooting Black Man Caring for Patient
A newly released video shows a North Miami police officer shooting a black man who was caring for his autistic patient. Charles Kinsey, who works at a mental-health center, had his hands up and was laying down on the street when he was shot. Kinsey is in hospital, and the officer has been placed on administrative leave.—Miami Herald

Court Says Texas Voter-ID Law Discriminatory
A federal appeals court has ruled that Texas's strict voter-ID law discriminates against minority voters. The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said provisions must be made by November to allow those who lack specific ID requirements to be able to cast a vote in the general election.—The Washington Post

Florida Investigating Whether Zika Came from Local Mosquitoes
Florida health officials are checking on the latest case of Zika virus, found in someone who does not appear to have traveled from an affected zone, or have been infected by a sexual partner. If confirmed, it would be the first evidence Zika has spread to mosquitoes in the United States.—NBC News

International News

Erdogan Announces State of Emergency in Turkey
Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared a state of emergency for three months following the failed coup in his country. The emergency will allow the president and cabinet to bypass parliament when drafting new laws, and to impose restrictions on freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.—VICE News

Olympic Ban for Russian Athletes Upheld
A decision to ban Russia's track and field athletes from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio over alleged state-sponsored doping has been upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The International Olympic Committee is still considering whether to ban all Russian competitors. —BBC News

Malaysia to Cooperate with US Fraud Investigation
Prime Minister Najib Razak has said Malaysia will "fully cooperate" with any investigation into fraud, after US officials alleged that $1 billion has been siphoned from state fund 1MDB. The US Justice Department has seized $1 billion in assets, including real estate in Beverley Hills and New York, associated with the fund.—Al Jazeera

Three French Soldiers Killed in Libya
Three French soldiers have been killed in a helicopter crash in Libya during an intelligence-gathering operation, said French president François Hollande. Libya's UN-backed unity government said France had not coordinated properly over the presence of French special forces in the country.—Reuters

Everything Else

Elon Musk Wants Automated Trucks and Buses
Tesla's CEO outlined a company "master plan" for the next decade, including a vision for self-driving trucks and buses, and a plan to allow owners to add their self-driving car to a shared fleet, so it can make money "when you aren't using it."—Bloomberg

Chloë Grace Moretz to Address DNC
Actress Chloë Grace Moretz is set to speak at the 2016 Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia. The 19-year-old said it would be "a beautiful historic day," and posted her support for Hillary Clinton on Instagram.—The Hollywood Reporter

Emoji Get Their Own Convention
Emojicon will take place at the California College of the Arts campus in San Francisco this November. Its founders want to help others create new emoji and fast-track them through the Unicode Consortium that oversees approval.—Buzzfeed News

Brazilians Unexcited About Olympics, Poll Shows
With just over two weeks to go before the start of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of Brazilians think the event will do the country more harm than good.—VICE News

American Dream Melts Away at the RNC, Literally
Brooklyn-based art duo LigoranoReese installed a 4,000-pound ice sculpture with the words "The American Dream" to melt outside the RNC in Cleveland. Nora Ligorano said they wanted to "show the disappearance of equality and opportunity."—The Creators Project

Scientists Test Ketamine to Treat Alcoholism
Researchers in the UK and US are running studies to see if ketamine could help prevent alcoholics from relapsing. The medical teams are using small shots of the tranquilizer drug alongside standard psychotherapy treatments.—Motherboard