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Corey Lewandowski Said the NYT Executive Editor 'Should Be in Jail'

But the fact that the paper published Trump's tax returns isn't enough to lock someone up.

by Lauren Messman
Dec 2 2016, 9:18pm

Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said he believes that Dean Baquet—executive editor of the should be jailed for publishing the president-elect's 1995 tax returns during the campaign, Politico New York Times—reports.

"He's willing to commit a felony on a private citizen to post his taxes, and there isn't enough scrutiny on the Trump campaign and his business dealings and his taxes?" Lewandowski reportedly said during a postmortem election panel at Harvard University on Thursday. "It's egregious. He should be in jail."

This past October, the New York Times published pages of Donald Trump's 1995 tax returns after they were mailed anonymously to reporter Susan Craig and later verified by his accountant. The documents showed that Trump could have avoided paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades. The public has still not seen his more recent tax returns, seeing as Trump's the first presidential candidate in decades not to voluntarily offer them up.

But, like burning the American flag, publishing Trump's tax returns in this case isn't grounds for locking anybody up. Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy told Politico that "publishing the tax story was in fact, legal."

"Under the Supreme Court decision from 2001, Bartnicki, journalists are allowed to report on documents even if they're stolen documents," legal counsel for the New Yorker Fabio Bertoni said in an interview in November. "In fact, journalists rely on documents that are leaked to them all the time."

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