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Kool A.D. Just Dropped His Second Album of the Month

An unending barrage of quality records is apparently what we should expect from the guy now.

by VICE Staff
Jun 29 2016, 4:31pm

Fatherhood hasn't slowed Kool A.D. down. The former Das Racist member and senior VICE parenting correspondent dropped a 100-song album at the end of 2015, which is a Herculean number of songs and would earn any normal artist at least a solid year of creative hibernation. But, maybe due to all the extra thinkin' time kids provide to new dads in the dead of night, Kool A.D.'s output has remained prolific in 2016. He has been cranking out solo records at a manic clip for the past few months, with songs that show his ability to float effortlessly between genres, from hardcore punk to chillwave.

On Wednesday, he randomly dropped another new album—his second in June alone—because why the hell not? Gods of Tomorrow is 12 tracks of hazy hip-hop that manages to feel both fresh and effortless, in case you don't already feel shamed about your own puny creative output.

Listen to the whole thing over on Bandcamp right now, and watch a video for the album's eponymous song above.

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