Jaden Smith - "Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)"

The fresh doesn't fall far from the Fresh Prince. Noisey has dibs on Jaden Smith's new video "Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)"

Aug 6 2012, 7:25pm

Noisey's Thugrats column has been profiling for some of the coolest young rappers around, but today they've struck gold with the discovery of 14-year old rapper Jaden Smith and his music video “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me).”

We’re curious to find out more in September when Jaden releases his first ever cooltape – he insists it’s different from a “mixtape.” 

Directed and Edited by Mike Vargas / Nuyorktricity
Produced by Omarr Rambert / Stoopid Robots / Moni Vargas
DP: Matt Bass
2nd Camera: Matt Pappas
Crew: Mightye Chuchaisri, Kit Kymla, Veline Mojarro