Sochi Singers Reload and Win Things

The first-prize photo, as deemed by an esteemed academy of people who know a lot about pictures.

Feb 13 2012, 5:00am

All photos by Rob Hornstra @ Institute

Dearest friends, today we are inviting you to celebrate our friend Rob Hornstra who just took first prize in the World Press Photo Contest's Arts & Entertainment Category. The series with which he beat out his colleagues illustrates the music scene of Sochi—the Russian town where the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place, aka the Black Sea holiday shithole par excellence where every summer an army of pale soviet butt cheeks go in search of a more tropical tan. Rob Hornstra's series features the lounge singers of Sochi--the ladies and gentlemen of the popsa, a hilarious and pumping mix of techno and soviet chansons. Congrats to Rob and a little bit to us too, because we were smart enough to film the entire photo shoot with the cameras of Picture Perfect. Na zda rov ye to ya'll!

Find Rob and the Sochi Project here.


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