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Watch a Dude Set the Guinness World Record for Furthest Flight on a Hoverboard

Catalin Alexandu Duru just set the shit out of the Guinness World Record for hoverboarding.

by Drew Millard
May 22 2015, 4:47pm

My friend Barry's always talking about learning how to skateboard. Not because he thinks skating is especially dope or anything, but because he wants to practice for when hoverboards come out. I always thought that was sort of kooky, but after watching this video of a guy setting the shit out of the Guinness World Record for the longest hoverboard flight, I guess Barry was right, because Catalin Alexandru Duru has created an actual, non-hoax, hovering-ass hoverboard, and then hovered it over a lake in Quebec for 905 feet, shattering the previous record of 164 feet and paying an appropriate homage to the hoverboard chase scene from Back to the Future II.

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