Trump Says He'll Step Away from His Business to Focus on Being President

The president-elect tweeted that he will hold a press conference on December 15 to spell out the change.

by Lauren Messman
Nov 30 2016, 3:04pm

Photo via Flickr user Michael Vadon

In another abrupt early morning Twitter post, Donald Trump said that he would be leaving his business interests behind as president in order to "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

In four separate tweets, the president-elect said he'd be holding a press conference in New York on December 15—presumably in the midst of his "thank you tour"—to officially announce he is cutting ties with the Trump corporation to "fully focus on running the country."

"While I am not mandated to do this under the law, I feel it is visually important, as President, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses," Trump added. "Hence, legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. The Presidency is a far more important task!"

It's not clear from the 6 AM tweets how Trump would be bowing out or if he would still hold some ties to his company, which has received financing from the Bank of China and has ties to Russia. Should Trump hand complete control off to his kids, as he's claimed he'd do during the campaign, legal experts in Washington suggest he set up a blind trust and divest his ownership in the company as well.

"Although it is of course important that he have no involvement in Trump business operations, in order to avoid conflicts, he must also exit the ownership of his businesses through using a blind trust or equivalent," Norm Eisen, a former top ethics lawyer for Obama, told Politico. "Otherwise he will have a personal financial interest in his businesses that will sometimes conflict with the public interest, and constantly raise questions."

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