Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Cancer, November 2017

Will Scorpio season be all you want it to be?

by Annabel Gat; illustrated by Nicole Ginelli
Nov 1 2017, 2:00pm

Illustration by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Scorpio season, Cancer! You're usually moody as hell, and the start of this month is no exception. We have a supportive, stabilizing connection between love-and-money planet Venus and the planet of structure, Saturn, taking place on November 3, which will create a very grounding energy around taking care of your responsibilities. The Sun and Neptune will also connect on November 3, heightening your already very strong psychic abilities.

However, we have a highly emotional—and exhausting!—full moon in Taurus arriving on November 3, or 4th if you're on the East Coast. This will bring some major drama to your social life (it could be time to let go of a few friends, Cancer). There will also be an opposition between Venus and Uranus, again on November 3, or 4th if you're on the East Coast, which will find you seeking freedom from obligations where you're not feeling valued. Being treated like crap at work? You'll want to leave. Irresponsible roommates? You'll feel ready to kick them out.

The energy will be very turbulent. You'll be extra aware of who gets you and who doesn't. In truth, this is one of your worst traits: expecting people to intuit what you want without you having to communicate. Ask yourself if you're really expressing your needs in a productive way!

Messenger planet Mercury enters Fire sign Sagittarius on November 5, bringing news about your day job and boosting your energy around completing all your chores and getting organized at work. This is also a great time to rethink your wellness routine and to reflect on your habits. The Sun enters Sagittarius later this month, on November 21, officially kicking off Sagittarius season, which will again find you even more focused on crossing things off your to-do list and getting healthy.

Venus enters fellow Water sign Scorpio on November 7, bringing major blessings to your love life and boosting your desire to express yourself creatively and to have fun and party. Sexy Venus in brooding, mysterious Scorpio is hot as hell! Over the last few weeks, Venus was in charming Air sign Libra, which was cute, but it found you more interested in redecorating your apartment than getting laid or celebrating with friends. Now your mood will shift!

Venus enters on November 7, bringing major blessings to your love life and boosting your desire to express yourself creatively and to have fun and party.

An exciting to day to connect with your partners will arrive on November 9, when the Sun connects with Pluto, encouraging people to reveal parts of themselves. This will be an especially exciting time for intimacy, Cancer. A secret crush may make themselves known!

Venus meets Jupiter in Scorpio on November 13, which will be one of the luckiest days of the month for you around love and creativity! But watch out for overindulging and laziness. Venus wants more, more, more, and Jupiter believes that bigger is better, so this can be a very over-the-top combination of energies.

No matter how much chocolate you eat, partying you do, or people you make out with, a fresh start will arrive around love and creativity on November 18, thanks to the new moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth; while you Cancers are especially nostalgic, we both know you're feeling ready for a fresh start and new adventures.

Saturn makes a harmonious connection with Uranus on November 11, which will be exciting for your career. This is a brilliant time to take a risk: Uranus is the planet of rebellion, and when it's working well with the planet of structure, Saturn, it's a great time to do something unexpected because the vibe will be supportive. A helpful change in your schedule is likely to take place now, and a shift around how you relate to or work with your higher-ups may also arrive.

A day to watch out for is November 19, when Mars squares off with Pluto. People will be in an aggressive mood, and you will find yourself retreating into your crab shell after being provoked to snap your claws in people's faces. Mars is the planet of war, and when Pluto is ticked off, power struggles tend to pop up. People will be in an angry mood, and confrontations will be likely. Save an important conversation for another day, when people are less likely to act like assholes.

Exciting conversations will arrive on November 25, when communication planet Mercury connects with brilliant Uranus, especially in the realm of your career or your public image. November 27, or 28th on the East Coast, is another day to watch for, as Mercury will meet Saturn, inspiring you to get seriously focused on accomplishing your goals. Good luck this month, little crab, and see you in December!