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Meet the Team Investigating Human Rights Violations with Forensic Architecture

Eyal Weizman uses floor plans, cell phone footage, and road maps to reconstruct what happened in devastated war zones.

by VICE Staff
Sep 15 2017, 2:10pm

For Eyal Weizman, architecture isn't limited to scale drawings and buildings—it's an expansive concept, encompassing the air around us, the social forces that shape a project, and the political landscape in which it's built.

On this episode of Daily VICE, VICELAND checks out how Weizman's taken that concept to the Forensic Architecture project, where he leads a team of architects, scientists, journalists, and graphic designers in analyzing destroyed buildings for evidence of human rights abuses in war zones. With cellphone footage, floor plans, and road maps, Weizman and his team work to reconstruct what happened at a site that's been destroyed, and investigate whether the attack may have violated international law.

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