Steph Curry's Mom Wants to Wash His Mouth with Soap After He Dropped F-Bomb

Sonya Curry sent her son several clips of him shouting "this is my fucking house!" Steph claims that he "blacked out."
May 21, 2018, 3:14pm
Screen capture via TNT

Sometimes—even when you're a 30-year-old, two-time MVP in the shit-talkingest league in all of sports—your mom is gonna make sure you keep those potty words out of your mouth. Steph Curry says he "blacked out," according to ESPN, when he yelled "This is my fucking house!" to the crowd during Game 3 against the Houston Rockets last night. But that wasn't enough for Sonya Curry to let it slide.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors locked down their first home court stand with a resounding 126-85 win give them a 2-1 series lead. And Curry, who has mostly been annoying lately, was finally annoying and spectacular on the night, knocking down 18 points in the third quarter alone—35 total—after a long dry spell.

Just take a look at this insane highlight package from the man:

What that highlight package doesn't include, however, is this little gem:

Hoo boy. Regardless of where this registers with you on the smug-o-meter, the Warriors point guard's squeaky-clean, god-bothering family didn't take kindly to the whole situation, as his mother Sonya reached out to him about it:

"She already sent me two home videos, showing me the clip and playing it back," Curry said, per ESPN. "She was telling me how I need to wash my mouth out, saying to wash it out with soap. It's a message I've heard before."

Steph on the other hand, claimed he "blacked out," per ESPN. While that's ridiculous, maybe the funniest thing about this statement is that you wouldn't put it past the Currys to follow through on that promise. Maybe next round, he'll be getting a taste of Irish Spring.