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Scientists found the ideal place to simulate Mars: Oman's desert

Scientists are prepping for a future manned mission to Mars by spending four weeks in Oman's desert.

by Emma Fidel
Feb 15 2018, 10:55am

Scientists from around the world are posting up in the desert for four weeks to figure out how we can explore Mars.

Two hundred scientists from 25 countries are working on a project to simulate the conditions on Mars in southern Oman, where the desert terrain closely resembles the Red Planet. The Austrian Space Forum is leading the experiment, which will test technology including rovers, spacesuits, and a portable greenhouse, for a future manned mission to Earth's neighboring planet.

The simulation started Feb. 5, just one day before Elon Musk's company SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket. It's now the biggest rocket in operation and a major step in the development of technology needed to get astronauts out of the desert and on their way to Mars.