Hockey Players Stop to Watch Fans Beat the Shit Out of Each Other

People started fighting in the stands after a men's league game in good old Turtleford, Saskatchewan.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 13 2018, 9:45pm

Screenshot via YouTube / Newstalk 980

Provincial D Senior Hockey in Turtlford, Saskatchewan, is fucking lit. Er, at least the action in the stands. After a game between the Edam Three Stars and the Debden Jets (Edam won 8-2), a brawl in the stands got so intense that hockey players decided to skate over to check it out.

The brawl has a couple of highlights, including two blurry, indistinguishable mobs hammering at each other on the top row. But things get particularly spicy when someone gets tossed three rows down.

The referees are just kind of standing there helpless, watching the scene unfold on the other side of the glass. The best they can do is shoo the players away to prevent them from encouraging more. At one point, everybody seems to be restrained, and then a flurry of grey limbs get to flying, and people push out the other end.

According to Edam's forward Damon Schaefer, per 650 CKOM, it wasn't even a brawl between the two fan bases:

“Some of the Debden fans were getting into it with our fans, and then they got into it with each other," he said. “They didn’t know who was cheering for what team.”

Haha. Oh man. Seems like there was either some confusion, or some small town Debden (population: 347) beef at play.

According to CKOM, there could have possibly been some booze and beer in the mix!

“It appears it was alcohol-fueled, passion for the game and things got a little out of control,” Severo said.

He added while people in the area love their small-town hockey, fights are a rare occurrence.

After viewing the video, Severo said residents need to calm down.

Yes, Severo, it seems that residents do need to calm down.

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