Mr. Met Fired for Giving Fan the Finger

A fan says he was just reaching for a high five and Mr. Met only gave him the middle one.
June 1, 2017, 1:07pm
Foto vía Wikimedia Commons

What a season it's been for the New York Mets. They were supposed to be a playoff team built around an exciting core of young talent, but with the flowing locks Asgard on a prolonged DL stint, Yoenis Cespedes also dealing with injuries, and Matt Harvey dealing with… whatever he's got going on, they've instead inspired such headlines as "Injuries, sex toys and Matt Harvey's suspension: The Mets' season, sideways" and, now, "Mr. Met Fired for Giving Fan the Finger."

It was an innocent enough moment, according to Tony T. He claims that he was reaching over for a high five at the Mets–Brewers game Wednesday night, and Mr. Met responded by flipping him the bird. The Mets quickly issued an apology that same night, saying they were "dealing with it internally." Shortly after, someone with the team told the Associated Press that the actor who was filling the large baseball head that evening—there are several who wear the costume throughout the season—had been fired.

This move is not without controversy, however. As the AP notes, Mr. Met actually only has four fingers. How is it possible to give someone the middle finger when you technically don't have a middle finger?

The Mets lost to the Brewers 7-1.