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Listen to Waxahatchee's Cathartic Power Pop Slammer "Never Been Wrong"

Hell yeah you bet you're gonna reconsider your past relationships.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 5 2017, 5:56pm

Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield knows her way around a big melody, an even bigger chorus, and barbed sentiments, all wrapped up in that reliable guitar crunch. After we got the first blast from her band's upcoming album Out in the Storm in the form of "Silver" a little while ago, we now have leadoff track "Never Been Wrong."

It's basically a fuzzed-out, more seething Carly Rae Jepsen song, with a soaring hook that would count as a pop slam-dunk if it wasn't implemented as a brief, one-time burst of catharsis. The fact that said hook sarcastically tears apart both Crutchfield's self-pitying protagonist and her stubborn, dickish ex also makes things cut deeper, but then again, power pop has always been about deceptive simplicity in both music and lyrics. Listen to "Never Been Wrong" below.

Phil has studied the arts of the jangle and the fuzz deeply. He's on Twitter.

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