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Monthly Horoscope: Scorpio, January 2019

Welcome to Capricorn season, Scorpio!

by Annabel Gat
Dec 28 2018, 5:23pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

This is a very busy start to your new year: the sun meets Saturn on January 2, finding you discussing something very important! Try to be the most mature and responsible version of yourself, but do keep things flexible, as Mercury connects with Uranus on January 4, which will ask you to stay on your toes, especially when it comes to planning—don’t overbook yourself! Also, watch out for a surprising piece of information. The sun connects with Neptune on January 4, which will bring some healing energy your way, and Mercury enters Capricorn on January 4, finding you being your witty and sarcastic self, even as you discuss some very important issues.

The solar eclipse in Capricorn comes on January 5, not only wiping the slate clean around communication, but potentially totally severing old lines of contact and wiring up new ones—so watch out for the information that comes your way. This is an exhausting and emotional time, and you may even feel in the dark—it’s as if your whole life is being rearranged! This will have long-lasting effects: the way you communicate and express yourself will be upgraded! So even though it might feel hard now, the learning experience is so worth it. Your neighborhood may also be going through a big change, and even your siblings will likely have something interesting to say.

Uranus ends its retrograde on January 6, and all planets are moving direct! This is exciting, but it also probably means there will be some big changes to your schedule and daily routine. You might abruptly drop a project or find yourself itching to leave your job. You’re seeking more autonomy at work and in your personal life. When it comes to wellness, you might find yourself gravitating to some new rituals you have never tried before!

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart and finding you focused on security in your finances, as well as your love life! Mercury squares off with Mars on January 8, so be careful about a combative energy in the air, especially at work. The sun meets Pluto on January 11, which will be the start of a very deep and important conversation that is sure to bring big changes to your life. Commitments are discussed and details are sorted out when Mercury meets Saturn on January 13. There may be a gloomy energy in the air—don’t call a bestie you haven’t spoken to in a while just to chat and gossip, since the vibe is too serious.

Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13, for the first of three times this year. With Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, it’s hard to find fault… that is, until you become paranoid about everything! Neptune rules everything film, glamour, art, and spirituality, but it also has a dark side—being the planet of fantasy also makes it the planet of delusion. So things are going great, until suddenly, they aren’t, and we are miserable. Very often, things were not so fab to begin with, and most likely, things aren’t even as bad as they seem! Best case, jovial Jupiter’s connection with Neptune will bring you a massive boost of fun, romance, and creativity, and luck around money. However, it’s also important not to make promises you can’t keep or to believe everything you read. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14, creating a very sensitive, empathetic energy around communication—it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deep level and share your dreams and wishes, as well as your fears. Venus connects with Mars on January 18, creating an exciting, busy energy, especially at work. Important information is shared as Mercury meets Pluto on January 18, and unexpected changes and conversations come as the sun clashes with Uranus, also on January 18— watch out for a change in your schedule!

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Your home and family life comes into focus as the sun enters Aquarius on January 20—but don’t worry, plenty of momentum comes to your career this month, too, we’ll get to that (the second eclipse on the month!) in a moment. Venus squares off with Neptune on January 20, asking you to be cautious about your spending—not just your money, but also how you spend your love, time, and energy. If you’re clear on your boundaries and feeling grounded, this could be an immensely creatively time for you that brings big whimsical energy to your love life!

A lunar eclipse—and super moon—takes place on January 21 in Leo, bringing a climax to your career. You value your privacy, Scorpio, but success is important to you, too. Some scorpions reject the public eye, preferring to stay behind the scenes, but others bask in the spotlight—no matter where you fall on this spectrum, Scorpio, your career and life in public will be a major focus of this eclipse—and it might be quite stressful since you are feeling exhausted and emotional, and so many surprises are taking place! It’s really a whirlwind. Secrets are being revealed—the revelations that take place during this eclipse will forever change you. The universe is undergoing an important course correction—do you believe in destiny? If so, what takes place now, is meant to be.

Mars squares Saturn on January 21, so watch out for obstacles around getting things done; however, good vibes—especially around cash—flow on January 22, when Venus and Jupiter meet. Unexpected news comes on January 23, when Mercury clashes with unruly Uranus, and plenty of talk between you and your family members and roommates takes place when communication planet Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24. On January 25, Mars connects with lucky Jupiter, keeping things moving, especially at work, and on January 29, an important piece of information comes concerning home and family as the sun and Mercury meet in the sky. Saturn connects with Neptune on January 31, creating a wonderfully supportive and empathetic atmosphere around you concerning communication, especially in your love life and around your creative endeavors. Good luck this month, Scorpio and see you in February!

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