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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, January 2019

Welcome to Capricorn season!

by Annabel Gat
Dec 28 2018, 5:01pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

This is a very busy month for you socially, Pisces, but you need to be careful not to burn yourself out—or careful not to spend time with people who suck your energy dry. The sun meets Saturn on January 2, and there’s simply no fucking around when it comes to the people in your social circles—you have no time for those who are immature!

Exciting news concerning your career and finances arrives on January 4, thanks to Mercury’s connection with Uranus, and you simply can’t be connected to fools in your social circle as you ascend the ladder of fame and public recognition. The sun also connects with your ruling planet Neptune on January 4, finding you connecting with creative and spiritual people, and your social life gets an additional boost when Mercury enters Capricorn on January 4. The first solar eclipse of the year comes on January 5 in Capricorn, which is sure to bring some drama and find you exhausted—eclipses bring big changes, and these changes can feel very, very sudden or unexpected.

Eclipses place us on the path we are meant to be on—but all this change is hard for most people. You, however, are one of the most flexible signs in the zodiac, Pisces, so embrace the new beginnings this eclipse brings! You’re entering new social circles now… but you’re also saying goodbye to some old friends. People change, and if communities you have been investing in no longer share your values, then it’s time to let go.

You’re highly psychic, Pisces, and during this eclipse you will find that you are especially sensitive to people’s energies. There are some easy things you can to do to keep your aura clear, such as carrying a selenite crystal, this spray for empaths by Firme Arte, taking a salt bath at the end of the day, or simply saying no to people and situations that you don’t want anything to do with!

2018 was a year of back-to-back retrogrades, but once Uranus stations direct on January 6, we have a few solid weeks of all planets moving forward in 2019! Uranus’s change in direction will stir things up in your finances, so watch out for impulsive spending or unexpected costs. A breakthrough around how to handle a financial situation may also arrive. Your focus turns to your career on January 7, when Venus enters Sagittarius: This is a fantastic time to network professionally, and you’re likely to receive recognition or a reward for your hard work! Mercury squares off with Mars on January 8, which will be an extremely productive time to hammer out issues concerning money and responsibilities—although you’ll have to tread carefully, as people will be in an impulsive and confrontational mood!

Especially powerful people enter your social sphere on January 11 and January 13, when the sun meets Pluto and Mercury meets Saturn. This isn’t the time to be your wild, party self, but to put your excellent listening skills to good use, partner with people who are committed to social justice, and connect with mentors. Again, powerful people will enter your sphere, and the impression you make on them could lead to some fantastic partnerships. For some, this may be a very moody, even grumpy day, but for others, this is an opportune time to brainstorm and do some effective teamwork.

Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13, for the first of three times this year. This is a big deal, especially for you, Pisces, since you are ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune! This is a highly creative time for you, but also one where you will realize the ways you've been too idealistic. Paranoia is something Pisces struggles with, and anxiety about your career or how people see you could be at an all-time high during this clash—so reach out to someone who can help you get grounded! Amazing growth will take place in your career this year—however, it’s important that you steer clear of people who make promises that sound too good to be true.

Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14, creating an empathetic and sensitive energy around communication, and good vibes flow at work and around money on January 18, when Venus connects with Mars—you’re feeling valued and your ideals are being appreciated! Mercury also meets with Pluto on January 18, again finding you connecting with powerful and insightful people—exciting ideas are shared, and maybe even a secret or two! Just watch out for some unexpected surprises—especially around finances, or drama in your social life—as the sun clashes with Uranus.

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It’s such a busy month for your social life, Pisces, but the party can’t go on forever: The sun enters Aquarius on January 20, activating the sector of your chart that rules solitude and rest. You’re feeling some confusion about where you want to head in your career and how you want to be seen by the public on January 20, when Venus squares Neptune—but the truth is that right now you don’t want to be seen at all! You'd rather be smoking a joint alone in bed!This need for solitude won’t last forever either…that’s the cycle of life: party, nap, party, nap! You are entering a napping phase, where the best you can do for your adoring fans is snap a few social media pics of you snuggling with your pets. Venus is the planet of beauty, and Neptune of fantasy, so be sure to slap a mystical filter on it. You’re feeling lots of love from your fans on January 22, when Venus meets lucky Jupiter, but because of frustration on January 21, when Mars squares Saturn—which also happens to be the day of the super moon lunar eclipse—obstacles are in the air, and you feel like you can’t accomplish what you need to do. There’s financial restraint or you feel like your crew has different values than you!

The January 21 eclipse in fiery Leo asks if you’re burnt out. Even if you are managing your schedule and self-care needs well, you could be feeling very zapped of energy at this time, so definitely catch up on sleep and don’t overbook yourself. This is a very, very powerful eclipse for ditching a bad habit. Wellness and self-care issues come to the fore, and problems at work or issues with your schedule reach a breaking point where something has just got to change. Leo loves to be the center of attention, right? Yes, but, what Leo really wants is to be appreciated… a need we all have! This eclipse asks whether you're appreciated at work, and if not, it may set things in motion so that this may change. Are you appreciating yourself by getting enough rest and engaging in healthy habits? Show yourself some love during this eclipse by introducing one healthy habit into your life that would be easy for you to implement, perhaps devoting five minutes during your daily commute to deep breathing. Cuddling with a pet also couldn’t hurt! In your love life, this eclipse may illuminate something for you which your partners may not be able to see for themselves: break the news gently! And, understand if they need more time alone to catch up on sleep, too.

Unexpected news arrives as Mercury squares Uranus on January 23, and Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, bringing a big boost to your already all-powerful psychic intuition. Action planet Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25, helping you acquire something fantastic in your finances or at work, and the sun meets Mercury on January 29, bringing important insight and information. Saturn connects with your ruling planet Neptune on January 31, creating a supportive energy within the communities you engage in—people are stepping up to the plate, and creativity is in the air, too. Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in February!

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