The Godfather of D.C. Basketball was Also a Cocaine Kingpin

Curtis Malone ran one of the best basketball programs in the country, but he also had a side gig selling cocaine and heroin.

by VICE Sports Staff
Dec 13 2018, 4:11pm

The “godfather of D.C. basketball,” Curtis Malone guided three NBA lottery picks and hundreds of Division I players through his Washington, D.C. AAU program. Behind the scenes, however, there was something else going on and in 2014, he was convicted for his role in a massive cocaine and heroin ring.

“It’s like the most dysfunctional Robin Hood story ever,” Malone’s stepdaughter said, claiming he sold drugs only to help pay rent for players’ families or help out friends in need. RED CARDS investigates, discovering corruption and scandal behind one of the best basketball training programs in the country.

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