Watch the Mariners Pull Off a Truly Bizarre Triple Play on the Astros

It's going to take a while for Houston Astros DH Evan Gattis to live this one down.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 19 2018, 9:43pm

Screen capture via Twitter/@DFSchat

Pulling off a triple play is a fairly rare occurence in baseball. You shouldn't really expect it to happen, and by all estimations, this one shouldn't have happened. But the Seattle Mariners were gifted a truly embarrassing fuck-up by Houston Astros DH Evan Gattis that took them from the top of the fourth inning to the bottom, in one fell swoop.

Check it out:

And in case you need a better angle on the whole kerfuffle:

It seems that Gattis forgot the number of outs in the inning—which is truly remarkable considering there were, in fact, zero outs—and was in the process of taking the sad walk back to the dugout. As Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano was about to throw the ball back to the pitcher—because he correctly recalled the number of outs before the play (again, zero)—he saw Gattis come into his periphery where, you know, he definitely should not have been. Cano then tried to start a rundown in the middle of the infield grass and that's when you can see the "ah, fuck" all over Gattis's body language as he realized he goofed.

Hey, a weird triple play is still a triple play. Get it, Mariners.

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