I’m Rooting for This Giant Shark to Eat Jason Statham in ‘The Meg’

The only way I’m watching 'The Meg,' a movie about murdering the last in an ancient species, is if the shark wins.

Apr 10 2018, 5:20pm

The megalodon was a majestic beast. At almost 60 feet long, the monster shark roamed the oceans of Earth millions of years ago. Shark’s skeletons are made from cartilage, which doesn’t last long after death, so what we know of megalodons comes mostly from fossilized teeth. One reconstructed jaw opens to a massive nine feet span, peppered with teeth seven inches long. This Summer, action hero Jason Statham is going to fight—and possibly kill—a megalodon in the action flick The Meg.

I say, let the shark win. In the trailer, humans build habitats deep under water then have to contend with a massive shark that comes to push them out of its territory. Cool. This isn’t Jaws, there’s no rogue shark messing around on beaches and chomping down on revelers, this is about humans encroaching on nature and nature serving notice to GTFO.

The movie looks like dumb fun and I’ll watch it, but with many shark species in danger of heading towards the endangered species list, I’m rooting for the megalodon.