Naturally, The Episode Without Austin Walker Is The One With Anime

On Waypoint Radio episode 178, we talk 'We Happy Few,' 'Rome 2,' and one very special secret anime game.

Aug 13 2018, 9:50pm

Image courtesy Gearbox publishing

Content warning for discussion of misogyny in film towards the end of the episode.

On Waypoint Radio today, Patrick, Natalie, Rob and Danielle do a little show and tell on the games they've been digging into lately, including We Happy Few, The Final Station, Rome 2's latest expansion and Breath of the Wild. There's also a SECRET SURPRISE anime game from Natalie, and a whole bunch of excellent Waypoints.

We Happy Few, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, The Final Station, Rome 2: Rise of the republic, Breath of the Wild, Hollow Knight, Is it Wrong to Pick Up a Girl in a Dungeon, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The Exorcist (TV series), Gaslight, The Philadelphia Story, Mamma Mia, The Aviator.

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