Easy Lentil Fritters

Ideal for snacking, these simple fritters also make the perfect base for a weeknight salad.

Sep 7 2017, 1:00pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin

Servings: 4
Prep: 25 minutes
Total: 45 minutes


1 cup|200 grams red lentils
1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt, plus more to taste
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 teaspoon toasted cumin seeds
2 ounces|25 grams mixed greens, such as tatsoi
1/2 cup grapeseed oil
1/4 cup|44 grams pickled mustard seeds
6 blackberries, drupelets picked
1/2 cup|145 grams plain yogurt (not Greek)
3 edible flowers, petals picked, plus more for garnish
1/2 teaspoon sumac
10 ground cherries, halved
10 sun gold tomatoes, torn by hand
6 Mexican sour gherkins, halved
1/2 jalapeño, thinly sliced
bronze fennel, to garnish


1. Bring 1 cup water to a boil. Place the lentils in a small bowl and pour the water over them. Cover, and let them soak for about 20 minutes. Transfer to a blender with the cumin seeds and 1 ½ teaspoons salt and purée until slightly smooth.

2. Meanwhile, heat a cast-iron skillet over high. Add the greens and a splash of water and cook until bright green, about 30 seconds. Transfer to a plate and season with salt and pepper.

3. Heat the oil in the cast-iron skillet over medium-high. Place about 4 teaspoons of the lentil mixture into the pan, flattening it out into a patty. Cook, flipping once, until golden on both sides, about 6 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate. You should have about 12.

3. In a small bowl, mix together the pickled mustard seeds and the blackberry drupelets and set aside.

4. Combine the ground cherries, tomatoes, gherkins, jalapeño, olive oil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl and set aside.

5. In a small bowl, combine the yogurt with the flower petals, sumac, salt, and pepper. Drizzle some on a platter and top with the lentil patties and the tomato mixture. Top with the pickled mustard seeds and the greens and garnish with more flower petals and bronze fennel.