Less than Two Minutes with Boomgates

Boomgates are busy band. Against the odds we managed to steal a second with them as they hit the road.

Boomgates are busy band. With releasing their debut album Double Natural and touring it, all while playing in a bunch of other bands (including Twerps and Dick Diver), they're doing all they can to find time to wash their smalls and call their mums. Against the odds we managed to steal a second with them as they hit the road.

VICE: Hey Boomgate, who are we talking to and what do you do?
Boomgates: Brendan. Vocals, keyboard, melodica.
Looks like the weather's turned, just in time for your tour. Nice one.
Yep, good weather for the road.

What's the most essential item for summer touring?

Jocks and socks.

What are you looking forward to most on tour? 
Cashews and dried fruit.
Sounds healthy. You must be stoked on getting your album out. Who bought the first copy?
Speaking of families, a few of you guys play in other bands besides Boomgates. When did musicians get so good at multitasking?
I can only do one band at a time. The others are better at multitasking.
Apparently you guys like pot lucks too.
What's the shittiest thing you've seen someone bring to one?
Cashews and dried fruit.
That's pretty shit. Last one: what's a question and what's an answer to that question?
OK. Question: When will I die? Answer: One day!

Ain't that the truth. Thanks Brendan.
If you don't catch Boomgates on the road you can always head to Sugar Mountain. In fact, do both.