WATCH: How to Assemble the Perfect Bowl of Ramen

Check out an exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary 'Ramen Heads.'

by Munchies Staff
Mar 9 2018, 5:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Yu Morita

Do you dream of tonkotsu? Worship at the altar of Sun Noodle? Save pennies for a trip to Tokyo so that you can dive face-first into a vat of shio broth? You, friend, might be a ramen head.

A new documentary called Ramen Heads takes viewers into the world of Osamu Tomita, Japan's reigning 'King of Ramen,' as he explains his obsession with achieving the perfect bowl of steamy, savory soup, from the noodle texture right down to the garnishes. Fifteen months in the making, the film also explores some of Japan's most celebrated ramen shops and profiles their unique philosophies and flavors.

Watch below for a sneak preview of the meticulous ramen assembly process in a clip exclusively provided to MUNCHIES. (We can almost smell the broth from here...)

And while the notion of sharing one's deepest ramen secrets in a documentary may seem oxymoronic, Tomita says, "The only reason the other shops won’t show you how they do it is because they’re scared you’ll find out they’re not really doing anything special." On that note, we're going to start boiling pork bones and sourcing bamboo shoots.

Ramen Heads premieres in Los Angeles and New York on March 16, with a nationwide release to follow.