Abortion Bans Are Causing Mass Confusion Across the Country

Bans in states like Georgia and Ohio are unlikely to be enforced, but people are already confused about whether they can access abortion care there.

by VICE Staff
May 16 2019, 8:55pm

Getty Images/Bloomberg

Last week, an abortion clinic in Georgia made what it considered a necessary investment in a large, royal blue sign to display outside its offices. In bold letters it reads: “This clinic stays open.”

The clinic made this purchase in anticipation of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp's six-week abortion ban, which he signed into law on Tuesday. This legislation, which grants fetuses full personhood, criminalizes abortion after six weeks—which is often before people even know they’re pregnant.

Despite the fact that the law isn’t slated to go into effect until January 2020—and will likely face an onslaught of legal challenges that should block it from taking effect at all—providers have seen increased confusion and fear among patients seeking abortions. Now, this confusion itself has become yet another barrier to reproductive care. On this episode of The VICE Guide To Right Now Podcast, we talk to reporter Marie Solis about how abortion bans don't need to go into effect to cause tremendous harm.

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