This YouTuber Has Designed a DIY ‘Full Automatic Virtual Sex System’

With a couple of VR headsets, controllers, and this device, two users can simulate sex.

Apr 19 2019, 5:01pm

Image: Mossspirits

The world of connected sex is rather limited right now, with the majority of products being sex toys that sync up to a pre-recorded video. However, one Japanese software and engineering student wants to change the game. Recently, this video of Twitter user mossspirit’s VR sex machine went viral, which linked to a new video on their YouTube channel laying out the latest iteration of their “full automatic virtual sex system.”

The video begins with a sizzle reel of this new machine set to a MIDI cover of Darude’s “Sandstorm.” It continues to get weirder with a recreation/parody of the iPhone reveal, except it's presented by a virtual idol discussing a VR sex machine.

The video explains that mosssprint wants to make a newer, improved VR sex machine. The previous model had been too loud, dull in the range of movement it could offer, and was generally too cumbersome for anyone to realistically use. This is the mission statement for the VR Sex Machine Version 3: to make it easier to use. Mossspirit said in the video they want to make a better machine for the “sake of humanity.”

So how are they going to manage this with the project’s latest iteration?

The device itself is rather simple: it has a belt and motor, attached to a mount that moves backward and forwards. The user can insert whatever masturbator they want—a key new feature for the inventor of the machine. The machine then wirelessly communicates with a PC to translate what is happening on the VR headset to the device. However, what is most interesting —and innovative—is how it uses HTC Vive's motion tracking controllers. Rather than simply syncing up to pre-recorded videos or instances, the new machine involves two people. One half of the party involved in the virtual sex can act out what they want to do using the aforementioned controllers. Then, their motion is recreated on the sex machine with the aid of avatars on the VR headset display. In short, with some VR headsets, controllers, and this device, two users can simulate sex.

Mossspirit suggests that this device has applications for people with motor disabilities, better sex education, sex that “ignores the gender of parties involved,” and can help with long distance relationships. At the moment, the device is designed for a penis, but the inventor also wants to make a version of this device so anyone with any genitalia can enjoy virtual sex with anime avatars. It’s early days, but hey, it’s something new.