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Cable news can’t stop comparing Trump's transition to 'The Apprentice'

by Ben Craw
Nov 30 2016, 1:17pm

Lots of words have been used to describe Donald Trump’s cabinet selection process: chaotic, knife fight, racist. To name a few.

But there’s one particular description that the talking heads of cable news have zeroed in on: This is just like “The Apprentice”!

For those who might not not be aware, before his successful campaign to become 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump was the star of the NBC reality TV show “The Apprentice,” wherein contestants competed in a variety of vaguely business-related challenges, with the ultimate winner being awarded a fake job within the Trump Organization. Now the president-elect is giving out real and critically important jobs, like secretary of state and attorney general, and it’s not exactly going smoothly.