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Put These St. Louis-Style Ribs on Your Weekend BBQ Menu

It's all in the sweet and spicy Jamaican jerk sauce.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 7 2017, 7:58pm

Remember last summer, when you bought that smoker and swore you'd use it all the time, man, next time the thermometer tiptoed above 75 degrees? Well, here's your chance.

These ribs from Billy Durney of Brooklyn's Hometown Bar-B-Que start with a killer marinade of lime juice, sugar, salt, thyme, scallions, hot peppers, and a dash of rum for that island flavor, mon. Start marinating now and you'll be right on schedule to be gnawing the juicy, pink meet of these bones on Sunday afternoon.

RECIPE: Jamaican Jerk Ribs

They'll sit in your smoker for a few hours and emit a magical aroma that will make all of your neighbors jealous. Finish them off on the grill, sprinkle them with scallions, and give yourself a high five for your meat mastery.