Illustrations by Brandon Celi

We Asked People Why They Unfollowed Friends, in Six Words

Anna Goldfarb

Anna Goldfarb

People told us why they finally clicked that unfollow button.

Illustrations by Brandon Celi

Just as you'd ask a belligerent guest to leave your house party, sometimes you have to kick assholes off your Insta-feeds and Twitter timelines. Hate-filled political rants, idiotic memes, unchecked racism, icky oversharing –– at some point, enough is enough. We asked friends and co-workers what sent them over the edge and made them finally unfollow someone. Here's what they said.

"So many identical selfies. Chill, bro." - DJ Freelance Love, 27

"Nobody cares about your fucking marathons." - Michael, 33

"Posted selfie wearing 'proud introvert' shirt." - Eve, 23

"They started earnestly retweeting Julian Assange." - Larry, 29

"Shut up about your food blog." - Lauren, 25

"Oh good, you started CrossFit. Wow." - Brian, 43

"All lives matter? All the unfollows." - Tamika, 24

"Retweet replied every damn Trump tweet." - Sara, 22

"Would tweet at porn stars. C'mon." - Dani, 25

"Your baby's cute. Fuck your baby." - Milli, 26

"Bragged about paying off student loans." - Pilot, 29

"Horrible food pictures from trendy restaurants." - Mike, 38

"Still making "but her emails!" jokes." - Amelia, 37

"She was too thirsty for likes." - Nissa, 33

"Anything "relationship goals" or "couple goals af." - Ashley, 23

"Their retweets were trash, not funny." - Swabreen, 33

"SO. MUCH. Whiny white privilege...DAMN." - Alyson, 42

"She found Jesus but lost fun." - Kelly, 23

"Thought Planned Parenthood sold baby parts." - Katie, 35

"His mediocre band got too successful." - Allie, 24

"Comments were just opportunities to gaslight." - Sarah, 36

"Dated, trusted, fucked, then he ghosted." - Kerry, 33

"Let me play devil's advocate here..." - Sara, 33

"Actually. Actually. Actually. Actually. Actually. Actually." - Maura, 28

"Her feminist platform was for profit." - Mary Kate, 29

"Her snarkiness when Joan Rivers died." - Courtney, 39

"Ever saying Bernie would have won." - Dawn, 34

"Would not stop talking about fluoride." - Kevin, 31

"All performative piety all the time." - Jill, 33

"Supported guns and Bibles in schools." - Courtney, 38

"Fan of Philadelphia Eagles and Trump." - Casey, 35

"No one's life is that perfect." - Amanda, 39

"I couldn't handle the wine memes." - Alex, 33

"Always on vacation. It was annoying." - Jake, 33

"We hadn't talked in seven years." - Jenn, 27

"Sick of her unhinged transphobic rants." - Dennis, 34

"Constantly promoted her shitty articles. Nope." - Lindsey, 23

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