Big Boi Recalls His Legendary 'MTV Cribs' Episode on 'Desus & Mero'

The famed rapper talked about strip clubs, snow storms, and sipping Four Loko from a wine glass.

by Sarah Bellman
Jun 14 2017, 1:03pm

Big Boi is a legend not only because he's a critically acclaimed and wildly popular musician, but because he hosted one of the most iconic episodes of MTV Cribs in history. In case you need a reminder, the rapper led the MTV crew to his decked out room with red walls, a giant pool table, and a stripper pole, which Big Boi deemed the Boom Boom Room. However, now that Big Boi is older, Boom Boom has transformed into the more family-friendly Den Den, where his mom, who now owns the place, hosts Thanksgiving Dinner.

But as Big Boi told Desus and Mero on Tuesday's episode, while the red walls are gone, the infamous pole remains.

During the interview, the trio also discussed why Big Boi blocked Desus on Twitter, what it's like to be part of Dungeon Family, and the best activity to do during an Atlanta snow day. Check out the entire web exclusive extended interview above.

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